Milena Angel is one of the most famous nude art models worldwide. One of the very few most famous nude art models! When you hold this book in your hands you will know that already. Her ways of expressing her art are huge in numbers, and the journey of her many fans through the portfolio of her work means accompanying her on her travels to find even more new ways to express herself. With lots of surprises waiting along the road. Because Milena is always one step ahead of her fans. This book is one of the surprises. It’s not a conclusion of Milena’s art. It’s just another part of a road that will go on. But it leads you back to the very beginning of a wild, nude life.

In 2009 Milena Angel spent her summer at a wild beach on Crimea. It should change her life. Meeting Lyalya, who already performed in nude art, was just one of the initial aspects which would make this summer so special. Feeling free, unbound, experiencing the wild – and nude – lifestyle gave her inspiration how to spend a life like this: free, unbound – and artful.

When you turn the page you will go back in time to this important summer in Milena’s life. In marvelous pictures taken in that particular summer by Erik Latika, commented by ChoReb following notes given by Milena herself, you can follow her path from white city girl to wild nude Amazon. Witness the important moments in the life of an 18 year old, who already carries a colorful bunch of ideas with her and who just needed inspiration from a wild summer on Crimea to start her wild life of amazing erotic art.

Watch these wonderful pictures of a most important summer in the life of Milena Angel. Be aware that this is just the beginning. For Milena it was her first initial chapter in her life as an artist and there were so many chapters following. Stay tuned! This is how it all began. There are a lot of memories left to tell.

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